Who Needs a Home Theater?

Home theaters can cost a lot of money to construct, and they are not within the reaches of everybody. Even a simple system put together utilizing the most inexpensive parts – a medium-sized TV, a basic DVD or Blu-Ray player and a few inexpensive speakers – can be a financial challenge for a family.

However, if you have the cash then a home theater system can be just like a child’s favorite toy : one with unlimited add-ons that can grow with you.

A home theatre system is not a need. However, speaking from personal experience, if you invest in a good system with either a big screen HD TV or an HD projector with a tab-tensioned drop-down screen, you will definitely save money over the long run and you will get more enjoyment out of your home. There is a difference between going to a ball game and sitting in the cheap seats versus sitting at home in your family room watching full-sized HD images that you can rewind. Likewise, with the availibity of premium movies at home, you can go to the movies right in your family or living room. The little bits that you might skip on a normal TV, you will capture on a projection screen. Yes, a good home theater is certainly an attractive acquisition.


On a standard TELEVISION you may have trouble understanding some of the dialog. However, with a good home theatre system and surround sound, plus a video/DVD combo, the audio quality, will allow you to pick-up dialog and certain other sounds and catch the little nuances that you might otherwise miss.

Remember that most movies are made with all the cinema in mind, so a decent home entertainment can give you the viewing experience which was originally intended.

In the past, it used to be that setting up the fully-functioning cinema in your home was the type of thing that only millionaires or well-off professionals could really afford. Not any more. Today, an average person can think seriously about installing a home theatre system.

And, if you are somewhat tech saavy, you can put a home theatre system together yourself. Even if you’re not, nowadays, you can find a do-it-youself video for just about every decent piece of equipment on Youtube. And you can find comparative video or written reviews like some of the ones on this site, to help you figure out which equipment is best for you. And, the beauty of it is that you don’t have to install a complete system all at once. You can take your time and add pieces as you go along. One advantage of doing so is that technology is always changing. Therefore, the wait of a few months may reult in you buying a better piece of equipment.