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Things to Look for when Buying Home Theater Receivers

home theater receivers

Buying Guide to Home Theater Receivers So, you’re setting up your home theater and you’re starting to look at home theater receivers. Let’s explore what a home theater receiver are and some key things you should look for if you’re considering buying an A/V receiver. The Role of Home Theater Receivers Home theater receivers are designed to provide superior sound performance for your home theater, as well as simplify your media center. Home theater receivers are the intermediaries for your surround sound system, TV set or HD […]

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Does A Home Theater Take The Soul Out Of Entertainment?

Most of us will be young enough to have got much of our youthful enjoyment from watching movies, and old enough to have spent much of that time watching them on video. This has brought about a special kind of nostalgia which yearns for the old movie nights which involved playing a few VHS cassettes of the latest releases and huddling around a TV screen about the size of, or little bigger than, a microwave oven. One of the most common complaints about newer technology is that […]

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Building Your Home Theater

Setting up a viable movie complex in your own home is something that may not be within the reach of the average consumer – and something which, to be done properly, may well demand a level of technical knowledge that most people do not have – but it is increasingly an option in the present day. How we go about this is up to us – and the range of options available means that it is something that can be done in a whole plethora of different […]

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How To Setup a Wireless Home Theatre System with Surround Sound

Wireless Home Theatre System

This post will focus on how To setup a Wireless Home Theatre System with Surround Sound.   Why Set Up A Wireless Home Theatre System   The first obvious question to answer is, Why set up a Wireless Home Theatre System. Well, for starters, there are so many wires protruding from the back of a regular wired system that most people get lost in the setup. Secondly, if something goes wrong and you have to disconnect your system, putting a wired system back together can be a […]

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Making The Connection

Putting together a home theater is in many ways a bit like playing with Lego bricks. You start with some bits and pieces, and can add them together, and add to them, in such a way as to make something else. For many people, this is something that constitutes a hobby. Getting the best from your home entertainment system is a subjective matter – what you want from your home theater may be different from what other people would want, so it’s not just about the “best […]

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Do Old Movies Look Right On New Technology?

Spending a lot of money on installing a home theater is a way of experiencing new films in the way the director intended them to be enjoyed, but not everybody likes new movies. For the classicist, is there a danger that investing in new technology will take some of the spirit of the older movies they like? Certainly there has been some debate over the remastering of older movies for broadcast on newer technology, and whether this strips away the authenticity of the show – but is […]

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