Sony Home theatre Express Setup BDV-e290 5.1 channel 3D system.

Unboxing Video u can see here at

Sony BDV-E290

Enjoy full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc Player which features 5.1ch surround sound, 1000W power output, online entertainment.

1000W RMs
Blu-ray 3D Playback
Sony Entertainment Network
USB terminal
Wi-Fi Ready

Power Output – Total (RMS) 1000W
Power Output – Front (RMS) 125W
Power Output – Center (RMS) 250W
Power Output – Surround (RMS) 125W
Power Output – Subwoofer (RMS) 250W



  • bibin thomas

    Hi.. I bought a Sony BDE 4100. I'm not getting TV output via home theater. set top box is connected to TV.. pls suggest what should I do here to get TV audio output?

  • Janak Joshi

    Hi guys..
    can anyone assist me… I am not able to see Indian apps like Sony tv.. star network.. bollywood hungama which I can see in this video.
    all I get is Holywood related apps.

  • Tanya Sharma

    i can,t connect to it by bluetooth

  • Pradeep Mohanty

    Hi, can you tell me how to get the audio output from the 5.1 system if i'm watching content from USB that's connected to the TV?

  • dishant kashyap

    how do you connect this unit to internet

  • lijo jose

    I am not getting my tv sound in Sony BDV – E4100. My tv dosen't have a optical audio out. so how can enjoy my tv sound through bluray system. pls help me

  • CanadianGamer

    I cant get audio from tv or ps3 or pc pls help ne

  • Pinchando Vinilos

    this configuration also serves the home teather Sony E4100 as equalize volume so I connected to the TV by hdmi out and when I see regular tv sound but when I see blu ray 2 volumes tv is convinan and blu ray I appreciate your prompt response from lima Peru

  • F00DP0RN

    @murthykasturi how do you adjust the bass?

  • Manu Pillai

    I use this HT as well. personally I think it has very good sound quality and plays almost any video format that you can think of. now its successor for India has been launched, the BDV-E3100, which has Bluetooth+NFC and WIFI inbuilt to it. rest all features are same as bdv-e290.

  • Robin Fernando

    ok watch iron man 3 bluray movie its really excellent 

  • violation cure

    I am about to buy this product can you tell me how it perform. Specially bass 

  • Robin Fernando

    ok did u try this settings 

  • Robin Fernando

    hey try these settings its really good
    front left 2db
    front right 2db
    center 2.5db
    surround left 6db
    surround right 6db
    subwoofer 1.5 db

  • Robin Fernando

    Thank u very much The setting which is displayed is kept by you or the sony installation service. 

  • Yuliana Soto

    My TV doesn't have a optical cord. Is there another way of doin it?

  • Robin Fernando

    Hi this is robin i bought new sony blu ray home theater system bdv E290 2 months before they came for installation also but still iam not satisfied i want to set the exact volume level for all the speakers . i dont have auto speaker calibration setup .In manual calibration the volume level +- 6db for all the speakers.i dont know how to use spl meter.kindly send me the exact speaker level volume for each speaker in db.

  • Yuliana Soto

    aslo i cant seem to connect it to the tv so it can sound on the surround sound

  • Yuliana Soto

    can you help me connect tis to my ps3