Setup Tour 2015 – PC & Home Theater

Check out my desk and home theater set up. This is where I make my videos, work, and relax.

Dell U3415W:
Surface Pro 3:
Def Tech SM350:
Sanus SF34:
Logitech Harmony 650:
Supernight RGB+W LEDs:

Samsung UN50EH5300:
Panasonic DMP-BD79:
Belkin Power Conditioner:
Xbox One:
Marantz NR-1504:

Full Write Up:






  • Michael McKenna

    awesome room.

  • Hao Yuan Ng

    When is your next video coming out! always looking forward to your content especially the mini itx builts

  • abid adar

    can you please tell us why do you have 2 receivers?. I am really curious as I am trying to use the 5.1 home theater to my pc and wondering what can I do to make it work. Thanks

  • xXPsych0ticM0nkeyXx

    why a BluRay player when you have an Xbox One?

  • sam kennedy

    Hey man overall this is a good setup the only criticism is the fact that everything is black, it's makes the room look dark and a little boring which is a shame because you have some great stuff and it's all need and the cable management is great, so maybe get some cool lamps and a skin for your Xbox just to add a little colour but overall I'm liking your setup bro

  • Alfie Nester

    $1000 monitor.. nice

  • Myles T

    Dope channel

  • Alex4SiliconValley

    Nice,…..I love my Klipsch speakers. I only have Klipsch Pro media 2.1 hooked up to my PC. However I am using an Sound Blaster Audigy 2zs with live drive on my PC for audio which supports 7.1. I have toslink cable hooked up from my PC to my old Yamaha 5.1 receiver and cheap Dayton bookshelf speakers as surrounds. Polk audio subwoofer 10, and 2 cheap jensen center channel speakers with dual 8's each ( I hope to upgrade to Klipsch surrounds someday, I need about $1500 ) However my system sounds pretty good for being a cheap setup. A Behringer UCA-202 USB adapter is also a good inexpensive way to connect a PC/laptop to AV receiver for true 7.1 or atmos surround sound. I use an inexpensive Nvidia GT 610 graphics with 2 HDMI connections to my 60"-TV and the other to my PC monitor display which is a 32-inch TV. works Great for 1080p.

  • Despicable Mind

    Would be lovely if the wall behind hadn't been plastered by Stevie Wondered…:-(

  • Anthony Staine

    what program is running on your computer at the top of the desktop??


    Keeping bipolar Def Techs so close to the wall definitely reduces the spaciousness of the rear reflected sound. You have the sound basically re-radiating back into the rear facing drivers, causing standing waves / distortion.

  • A. Brown

    I like how simple and clean this is. Everything flows and seems like a really calming room.


    That's a really nice setup and I really like the color you painted the walls, I have been wanting to paint my room but couldn't come up with a good color since my setup is kinda white and silver theme!

  • Luke Palmer

    all your shit, your channel, your personality, your groove, your music taste is dope. imma start doing some stuff like this,,, just working on my room right now.

  • Jerry N

    You still watch blurays? LOL cmon man  get on with times and buy a pinkray player with 16k resolution and dolby fuckmos audio!

  • Badazzle Tech

    Super slick set up dude!

  • Unknown Photographer

    like your vids 1st sub keep up the great vids

  • Darwish Films

    I love the setup the only thing it is missing some personality

  • John Wells

    is this your current setup still? because you should know that the xbox one you have plays blu ray and you should sell your blu ray player

  • Kaizen C

    Dope setup, what camera you using? seems the lighting quite dim there but still a good quality video you produced

  • Lou Kola

    Nice setups. I used to run Def Tech speakers until I could afford more expensive ones. They were great for movies.
    Good stuff. Well done.

  • iKBoy

    I am a sucker for black setups and this is clean!

  • Devon Duquette

    That's a beautiful arrangement bud, pretty sweet.:)

  • Jerry Neutron

    nice setup

  • unies gulsher

    im Very impressed I'm sure this is your pride and joy enjoy your setup..