Room & Home Theater Setup BenQ W1070 (Update)

Thanks everyone for all the views on my Home Theater Video and of my Benq W1070! Its been almost 8 months since I made that video and I thought that a update would be nice. Here is my room setup 9 months later! Shot with Xiaomi Yi!
All My Stuff Is Below…
Receiver: Onkyo 515
Speakers: Polk TSI 100 & 200, Polk CS20, Polk Monitor 70 Series ii, Pioneer 8MK2 Sub
Projector: Benq W1070, Vizo 50in, 120in Auto Screen
Computer: Core i5 Laptop, PS3 Cam, Benq GL2760H, NEC Monitor, CM Storm Quickfire TK, Mionix Naos 7000, Fiio E07K, Audio-Technica ATH-M50!
QualGear Projector Mount:
Portta HDMI Spitter:



  • monchichi955

    very nice set up there bud…but i think My Epson 2045 looks way better..

  • RGBEES New zealand

    what you do in regards to driver issues surrounding screen switching
    some don't like two different resolutions

  • Jerry “The Dj” Mansilla

    Nice setup bro, I have the same plan like yours but yours is to sleak, love the lazy chair 🙂 what is the brand of remote control your using can you share the link where you bought it. Thanks

  • King of the World

    Love your room man.

  • Gil Carvalho Pro

    Hi Kyle! Which camera you used to shoot this video? Thks

  • BimBim Ruiz

    I hired bestbuy pro expert to get install my projector home theatre with 7.1 DTS surround sound system in my bedroom but projector it is getting hot while it being use for watching movie I've turn on aircondition during summer season to cool off my bedroom. I don't go to public theatre. 😎👍😀

  • carlosbcrr27 (snek)

    i know im late kyle but this is an excellent video.


    Nice setup! I like the wall color, could you give me the paint code?

  • cappa318

    DO you have the sound coming straight from the pj or are you using an external audio output an if so is it any video audio lag

  • Vass Vurmeski

    need to hide the wire looks cheap as

  • HobbyAddicts

    Hey Kyle great set up. What brand is your screen? Have you noticed any waves developing on it?

  • Damn Doode

    Usually the intro goes at the start of the video

  • Jordan Montidoro

    What are your bedroom dimension?

  • RebelliousBarbie Mukbangs

    Your Ssssssssooo Cute….i Cant wait until You Make it on Youtube

  • RebelliousBarbie Mukbangs

    Your Ssssssssooo Cute….i Cant wait until You Make it on Youtube

  • Sincere Vannarath

    What size is that projector screen?? Someone might've already asked but I don't feel like scrolling down reading all the questions and comments….

  • José Muy gay

    Do you even tv bro?

  • Anthony Mauro

    what's porn like on it

  • Edgar Torres

    …wonder what this kid does for a living

  • Ian McClure

    Is that a 2.35:1 screen? If so how are you getting your projector to fill it without having any stretching or distortion?

  • Matt Burns

    Do your screen remote synch with your harmony remote?

  • Leo Ontiveros

    Screen size?

  • Matt Burns

    If your running a reciever why do you need an hdmi splitter?

  • Mars Channel

    how do I connect my optical cable? there no input for it((


    I am stone broke these days, and so I am glad that I still have my old dependable sound system.

    I put it together 36 years ago. I threw together the power amplifier myself, and I also built my own speakers. The speakers are big boys. They are about 20.5" wide, 18" deep, and 31.5" tall. They each contain 1 12" woofer, 2 midrange speakers, and four tweeters. Thus the sound blending is perfect. Then of course I still have my ancient but good old Soundcraftsmen PE2217 equalizer. With this equalizer you can adjust the sound to match the room environment. So if you buy new room furniture you can adjust the sound to compensate for how this furniture absorbs sound and thus changes the overall room sound. Or you can set it for the curtains open or curtains closed environment. When the curtains are open, you get more high frequency room volume, since the sound now bounces off the windows rather than be absorbed by the curtains.

    So I just dim the lights, turn on the system, and watch a movie while feeling like I have moved right on into the movie itself.

  • Kyle Ragan

    Nice room setup

  • Sheila'sVlog

    how much did both projector and screen cost

  • ruxtdz

    very nice setup! clean and neat. wish i had a room like that! HT enthusiast here.

  • Arek J

    ah those american wooden houses lol

  • Soljarag5

    come on man… why didnt you paint the cord runs the wall color?

  • Arsenal S

    Hey kyle how much did ur chair cost and whats it called im ur age and wanna a movie room to lol

  • Wes Nes

    Dope room…

  • That Stuttering Gggg

    What's the specs on your projector? Have a home theater with projector. Full 1080p @ 30hz. Active 3D ready. Thinking about upgrading.

  • Recycled Memes

    great video man 😀 next time though i think you should put some music in the background :)

  • joe vigil

    Just a tidbit from a BenQ 1075 owner you can buy a hdmi remote Bluetooth adapter they sell it's compatible with the 1070 1075 1080 for around $80 it receives the Comcast and Amazon Fire it's been a while since I looked it up ( I would buy an Apple TV for the $80 plug it in the projector and stream your movies Netflix u tube ext. to get started viewing without having to up grading all the components .) I just use my Sony receiver that has dual hdmi pas-through that switches between tv & projector I use my Apple TV wireless I kept my PS3 hard wired to Internet and the picture is crystal clear


    Few questions im new to using the projector i wanna know how do u connect everything with everything being so far away from the actual projector

  • 3ple L

    0:44 song name? plss

  • jack turtle

    Wow mate I don't know how old you are but I really think you've got a magic setup
    Like the thing that you can your computer up to the big screen
    I had to do with a simple Sony system when I was young,Good on you mate

  • Suresh Sharma

    Useless video again who is interested in seeing your room? You should have told what the best settings and distances could be.
    Watching it was waste of time.

  • Leo L

    What's the armchair link??

  • wihad abu saleh

    if i wanna watch movies from portable hard drive
    how can i connect it to this projector
    i know it has a mini usb in the back
    it helps?

  • All The Whey Up

    that intro is shit nice video though

  • Online Life

    what do you work to have all this things ?

  • Richard Mather

    yeh. could do will be getting mine in a few weeks with my 100 screen can't wait