Review – Compare LG OLED TV to Top SONY and Samsung 2016 Models


LG Oled TV – Top TV in 2017

The 2017 LG OLED TV will make you crave watching TV. LG is at the top of its game with the LG OLEG Tv. When it comes to overall picture quality, there is no better television.

OLED Technology

The basic structure of an OLED is an emissive layer sandwiched between a cathode (which injects electrons) and an anode (which removes electrons). Since OLEDs do not require a backlight and filters (unlike LCD displays), they are more efficient, simpler to make, and much thinner – and in fact can be made flexible and even rollable. The main component in an OLED display is the OLED emitter – an organic (carbon-based) material that emits light when electricity is applied. Modern OLED devices use many more layers in order to make them more efficient and durable, but the basic functionality remains the same. OLEDs have a great picture quality – brilliant colors, infinite contrast, fast response rate and wide viewing angles.OLED panels are made from organic (carbon based) materials that emit light when electricity is applied through them. OLEDs can also be used to make OLED lighting – thin, efficient and without any bad metals.

LG OLED TV Display

The LG OLED TV display technology features ultra-thin panels with perfect black levels, amazing contrast, and rich color. LG is also one of the few premium TV manufacturers to offer support for both HDR 10 and Dolby Vision HDR standards, whether from streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime, or ultra HD Blu-ray.

SONY Z9D 2016 Models

The LG OLED TV B6 series has everything you want in OLED picture quality at LG’s lowest price for a premium OLED. There’s no doubt that Sony’s Z9D Series is exceedingly expensive, but no other 2016 LED/LCD TV could quite match the SONY in terms of picture performance. Credit Sony’s no holds barred engineering approach and advanced backlighting system for the Z9D’s ability to produce extremely bright images with a minimum of backlight bleed or halo effect.

SONY Z9D Color

Color is another of the Z9D strengths. The expanded color gamut shows you movie colors much closer to what the director and colorists intended. Movie lovers will embrace the Z9D for its ability to produce bright images in any ambient light setting. And nearly anyone can appreciate this TV’s ability to make any source look better thanks to its outstanding 4K upscaling.

Samsung KS9800 Curved TV

Samsung KS9800 Curved TV

Samsung UN78KS9800 Curved 78-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model)

Samsung’s best TV in 2016 is a winner, but its a curved TV which isn’t for everyone. Were it flat, it may have toppled the Sony X930D as the best LED/LCD pick for the year. If you like the curve, though, the KS9800 is a feast for the eyes. It’s the finest SUHD TV the company ever produced with class leading black levels, intensely bright color capability, and blistering HDR rendering. Off-angle viewing is not its strength. However, for those that tend to sit right in front of the TV, the picture quality is outstanding. Add in the fact that Samsung’s SUHD TVs offer the lowest lag time of any competitor and they make for excellent TVs for gamers.

Sony X930D

Sony X930D

Sony 75 Class Smart Led 4k Ultra Hdtv With Wi Fi With Slim Wall

The Sony X930D redefined our expectations of edge-lit LED/LCD televisions. Thanks to Sony’s proprietary slim, backlight drive technology, the X930D manages to maintain excellent black levels and a minimal halo effect, even when producing bright images on a dark background. The X930D’s color capabilities are among the best available after calibration and it’s HDR performance is dazzling as well. What always sets Sony’s TVs apart from the competition is their processing, which is some of the best in the business. Expect highly cinematic movie watching experiences and blur-free sports with a minimum of the dreaded soap opera effect.

LG OLED TV 2017 Signature

If you’ve got pockets deep enough and a wall wide enough, LG OLED TV signature for 2017, the Wallpaper TV, will make for a jaw-dropping centerpiece to any home theater. The screen is a ludicrous millimeters thin, looking more like a piece of fine art than a television.




The Best 4K TV you can buy in 2017

What’s more, this LG OLED TV presents the best picture quality of any TV currently available. How did LG make the LG OLED TV so slim? Instead of storing the processing components behind the screen the guts of the 65W7PW7 reside in the included and required sound bar. Admittedly, this makes for a larger than average sound bar that needs some serious shelf space. However, the sound quality makes up for its large footprint. This minor gripe aside, and the obvious concession that this is going to set you back a cool $8,000, there isn’t a more impressive display currently on the market than the LG OLED TV.

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