My Home Theatre Setup 2014

I got a new Home Theatre set up a months or so ago and I figured I would do a video of my set up. It’s nothing crazy. I live in a Condo so I can’t really have anything crazy (My wife would tell you that this is crazy… especially when watching a movie).

I can tell you that it is a significant improvement over my last Home Theatre System, which was a Sony HTIAB set up from 2007. Buying a receiver and speakers separate really makes a HUGE difference.

Once we are living in a house, instead of a Condo, I’ll upgrade to a proper Home Theatre System. I’ll get a New Harman Kardon Receiver (7.1 or 7.2) and better, louder speakers… so I can rattle the walls and go deaf!!

It’s not really an issue of Money with this setup, it was more an issue with having a better sound but not rattle the walls!