How to Setup Home Theater to TV – Very Easy!

How to Setup Home Theater System to TV – Yamaha AV Receiver – Setup 5.1/7.1Ch Home Theater Easily – Home Theater Installation – Speaker Setup – Subwoofer Setup – Home Theater Menu Settings – Simple Tips and Tricks to Set up this system in minutes.
This video also includes a simple tutorial to use a AV Receiver.
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  • Naveen -

    hi Vimal, u made a great video. Is it possible to get a AVR+Speaker set up within rs20000 ?? (i know its low)

    can you give some suggestion on which company, which model please ??? Thanks a lot in advance..´╗┐

  • Ayush Patkar

    Which speakers are you using with your receiver? Please share the model number details..´╗┐

  • Zack Pack (zakkpakk)

    No, please the subwoofer should be behind you´╗┐



  • srinivas raju

    i need to know
    is there any difference between home thetare and av receiver´╗┐

  • Riley Chambers

    how do you think that your system will work´╗┐

  • Mohit Kher

    I want to ask you something,how can I connect you except Youtube´╗┐

  • pradip pillai

    dude who will calibrate the surround´╗┐

  • Eseng Natividad

    hi bro´╗┐

  • Vimal Chintapatla

    Please Support & Subscribe to my Channel Guys!
    More Awesome Videos Coming Up Soon :)´╗┐

  • Gokul Jawahar

    What is the model of the Tower speakers which you use for front left and right?´╗┐

  • Michael Pallante

    I did everything as you said, but I can only get 2 speakers to work. Also only the BD/DVD works with the 2 fronts speakers. If I change the source to TV/CD no sound (unless I turn off the receiver ans then I get sound from the TV speakers.´╗┐

  • Sridhar veturi

    this yamaha AV Receiver HTR 3067
    8 ohm speaker supported…?´╗┐

  • Harshal Baviskar

    hey….what is the difference between the home theater with or without connecting receiver for surround sound…´╗┐

  • Alex4SiliconValley

    Nice,…..I love my Klipsch speakers. I only have Klipsch Pro media 2.1 hooked up to my PC. However I am using an Sound Blaster Audigy 2zs with live drive on my PC for audio which supports 7.1. I have toslink cable hooked up from my PC to my old Yamaha 5.1 receiver I bought on eBay. And cheap Dayton bookshelf speakers as surrounds I bought on Amazon. Polk audio subwoofer 10", and 2 cheap Jensen center channel speakers with dual 8's each ( I hope to upgrade to Klipsch Speakers and surrounds someday, I need about $1500 ) However my system sounds pretty good for being a cheap setup. A Behringer UCA-202 USB adapter is also a good inexpensive way to connect a PC/laptop to AV receiver for true 7.1 or atmos surround sound. I use an inexpensive Nvidia GT 610 graphics with 2 HDMI connections to my 60"-TV and the other to my PC monitor display which is a 32-inch TV. works Great for 1080p./ blu-ray and 4k. My inexpensive 5.1 surround setup shakes the entire house. My neighbors love it !….My setup costs about $600. Blows away a Bose system for sure.´╗┐

  • sinu c

    ­čĹŹ yes perfect´╗┐

  • xWeaponx101

    You have some incorrect info. in your setup. In you're AV section you should set all your speakers to small not large. You only set your floor standing speakers to large if you have no sub. The crossover freq. should be set to 80Hz not 60Hz!´╗┐

  • svelectronics hyderabad

    thanks, i'll be sending this video link to my home theater customers.´╗┐

  • Ravi Sreeama