How To Setup a Wireless Home Theatre System with Surround Sound

Wireless Home Theatre System

This post will focus on how To setup a Wireless Home Theatre System with Surround Sound.

Wireless Home Theatre System


Why Set Up A Wireless Home Theatre System


The first obvious question to answer is, Why set up a Wireless Home Theatre System. Well, for starters, there are so many wires protruding from the back of a regular wired system that most people get lost in the setup. Secondly, if something goes wrong and you have to disconnect your system, putting a wired system back together can be a nightmare – unless you were smart enough to label all of the wires and ports.  Even if you did, it can get quite complicated and time consuming.

Wireless Blu-ray Home Theatre System

Let’s explore how to go wireless with your Blu-ray disc home theater system. With this system you can say goodbye to the horrible mess of cables.


Wirelessly Stream Online Entertainment

If you have a wireless home theatre system, then you can take full advantages of the advances in modern technology. Today’s wireless internet connectivity allows you to conveniently access and stream online entertainment directly form the internet. Movies, videos, TV episodes, music and more from a huge list of providers like Hulu, Netflix, Youtube, and Pandora – just to name a few.

Set up Your Wireless Home Theatre System in Any Room

The advances in wireless internet allows you to achieve all of this without needing a dedicated ethernet connection. Gone are the days of dial-up internet. Today’s high speed modems, routers, and fibre optic cables have completely revolutionized the way we approach home entertainment. Plus, you can easily set up your home theater system wherever you’d like. You don’t need to near an ethernet port to be able to connect to the internet.

Wireless Home Theatre System Setup

First you’ll need an existing home network (internet) with a router or modem. If you have a modem and it is not wireless, then you have two choices. You can add a wireless router to the existing modem, or you can upgrade to a wireless router. The wireless router is hardwired to your broadband or high speed internet connection. Then, the router gives off a wireless signal.

Connect Wifi Enabled Devices

This wireless signal allows you to connect with all of your wifi-enabled devices. You can connect your smart phone, Ipad or tablet, laptop computer, desktop computer, wireless audio receivers, smart tvs with wireless connectivity, external streaming devices like Roku and more.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Flexible Home Theater Placement

Home theatre components with built-in wifi offer you a lot of flexibility. Examples include a smart HDTV and Blu-ray disc home theater system.  If your home theatre system components don’t have built-in Wi-Fi, but are Wi-Fi enabled, that’s fine, too. Then you have to just make sure you buy the appropriate Wi-Fi adapter.

Connect Your Wireless Home Theatre System

Okay, now that you’ve got a wireless connection and Wi-Fi enabled products, you can connect your products to Wi-Fi network wherever your products are set up. Depending on your router and network configuration, you may need to take additional steps to finish your Wi-Fi set up. Typically, your on-screen display will help guide you through the set-up process. Place your HDTV and Blu-ray home theater system wherever you like.

Advantages of Wireless Speakers

A main advantage of having a wireless home theatre system is not having to run speaker wires. This is especially convenient if you live in an older home which has not been pre-wired for audio. Similarly, if your home has a flat roof, then running speaker wires through the attic is not an option. Either way, running speaker wires around a house or fishing them through wall and ceilings is a pain in the you-know-what – unless you hire a pro and pay the big bucks.

Wireless Speaker Set up

Next, set up the speakers. If your wireless home theatre system comes with wireless rear speakers, then you won’t have to run wires from the front of the room to the back. The unit sends a signal to the transmitter box in the back of the room. The unit needs to be plugged into an outlet so it can send a wireless signal to the rear speakers. Now, place your speakers and sub-woofer around the room, two speakers on either side of the TV and two in the back of the room angled toward where you’ll sit and one speaker centered slightly below your HDTV.

Power Up and Start Watching

The sub-woofer can be on the left or the right of the TV. Now power up your system and start streaming online entertainment directly from the internet. With millions of choices, you’ll never run out of things to watch.

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