How To Set Up A Budget Home Theater For $200

In this fun video, I show how to set up one of the lowest cost home theaters – $200! Also stay tuned for the very end when I give a bonus tutorial on how to mirror your Surface display to the Amazon Fire TV Stick!

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Here are the amazon links to components that I use in this video:

Taotaole LED Projector – $109 –

Projector Celing Mount – $25 –

Projector Screen – $43 –

Amazon Fire TV Stick – $39 –

I suppose this technically adds up to $216, but you’ll frequently find discounts on the above items, especially the Amazon TV stick (I got mine for $19 when on sale). Or you might have an existing media device around the house.

NOTE: As mentioned in the video, the LED projector does fantastic in dark rooms, but I don’t recommend it for bright areas. It’s way too dim, even when you have a light on in the room.

If you have a slightly higher budget, I also highly recommend this Epson projector for $300:

The amazon links are my affiliate links.



  • vincent charpentier

    Wat for size Screen you got hangin there ?! how mutch was it ?!. And where dit you by it. greets v.

  • NolanTheGamer

    you seem socially awkward, but that's okay cause I am too, sheds tear I am too :')



  • Juan Salazar

    wait no need to replace the lamp because of the LED or theres no way to replace it because its an LED?

  • Richard Benoit

    That projector is garbage… I have one, it is being replaced VERY soon. … Actually it outputs 720p @ 60hz … you can set it higher but the projector has issues with scaling.

    Yes actually the image quality is fairly high as it has a TFT 3.5 inch LCD panel inside… The screen door effect is actually less notable then you might think.

    Don't buy the UNIC UC40 or Unic UC46 projectors as they have a watermark or logo on the top corner of ALL your movies and videos… Sucks… Save your money…

    I would suggest something like: (And NO I do not work for them…)

  • Albert Clerge

    This is called hot garbage. You wanna good projector, go on ebay and buy a used 720p projector for $200, then buy a $50 screen

  • demonpride1975

    why would you buy a tv.

    a. it is not healthy for your eyes to read or watch shows in the dark.
    b. you don't need it to be dark to watch at optimal levels.

    that being said I got one and it is nice for the larger view size. tho i run 2 60 inch hd 1080p tv's and a 60 inch 4k tv.

  • Abe Coulter

    led projectors suck. the worst ever

  • JDMricist

    You should get a wireless Lavalier mic bro. Sounds quality is terrible. Echo so bad I could barely hear you.
    Great video otherwise.

  • Jab

    3:22 Antwerp yeah buddy!

  • simon burgess

    i just got one on ebay £14.99.

  • Alberto Murillo

    And here I was watching your video, thinking this guy is kinda cool and unique, until I realized that you lied to us by showing an image of a different projector, is obvious because I have this very same projector and had others with low res 480p, so I know how they look and their limitations. Not cool bro lying to your audience to make them click on your link, or maybe they paid you? either way people are not so dumb lol.

    The fact that you ignore the comments mentioning the resolution and the image shown, proves it.

  • Tamás Gulyás

    Zero contrast, washed colors, shit!!!

  • Matilda Ramsey

    what does a fire stick do?

  • Ridwan Abdurrahman

    unix brand

  • FreeD00M

    How To Set Up A Budget Home Theater Without Sound For $200

  • kendrick massie


  • Ben Ramirez

    how do you adjust the picture size on these cheaper projectors is it just the distance you put it up or can you zoom in and out

  • Kicks Fineness

    how do i connect the fire tv stick to the projecter it's just like connecting it to the tv right, connect hdmi port to hdmi to the projecter then plug it in to wall then switch to hdmi in the projecter right? then your good?

  • Bob Smith

    Complete lies , that picture is not coming from the projector he states

  • 012jason

    Impossible!! that projector cannot have such high resolution output.

  • Eros Her

    Thanks. I went on eBay and actually got everything for 108. With free shipping. Plus all the stuff I needed to set it up. All for 180. Thanks again

  • Arun Dhana

    Do we need speakers for it or not

  • Yaritza Guadamuz

    I don't know how to set up the fire tv to the scren, could you help

  • christopher dunn

    I like you video's but this is misleading you're using your Epson projector not the cheap $100 one. Ive seen other videos and although the picture is pretty good i knew that was not the 100 projector.

  • John Tantay

    do you still recommend this projector???

  • John Tantay

    do you still recommend this projector???

  • Hz

    So how much money did they pay you to actually mislead the viewers about the image quality of that projector. Because the picture quality seen is obviously not 480p.

  • WillMePHD

    The projector is the best one you can get that is not HD.
    If you have another $100 then you can get one that is HD >

    It's almost impossible to find a Full HD projector without going into a considerably higher price range. Don't get me wrong, I know there must be at least one out there, I'm just not going to spend hours and hours wading through every single projector to find it (I already own a 720p projector that I don't use so I don't really need a 1080p one!).

    The problem with projector listings is that almost all of them say HD, 720p, or 1080p. You click on it and it will say supports that resolution but the native resolution is 480p. If you do get lucky and find one, please reply to this comment with the listing; I'm sure many people would thank you! XD

  • madhaggis1

    Nice one Sean

  • godess rainy (bloody rain)

    eat video nicely put together but the sound on one side sounds way out

  • captainfresh1976

    o god here we go again tell people to by bullshit and you got top quality and i know your lieing and its realy sad bro just stop

  • maisontheonenonly1

    thank you Sean great Ideas

  • tarod44

    Fuerte cabronazo engañando a la gente con el proyector chino ese. La imagen que se proyecta en la pantalla no pertenece a ese proyector. No se dejen engañar por este tipo.

  • Connor Rooth

    there's more to a home theatre than just a projector system

  • bizzle187

    What's the catch? that image is far, far, far too sharp for the native 800×480.. why are you trying to fuck people over? Do you have an up-converting receiver? What is the deal..

  • Bowtie Brand Visuals

    Hello Sean, I recently purchased one these specific projector thanks your recommendation. I would like to know if there is any way to connect this projector to a Bluetooth speaker or speakers & if there is any mount out in the market that allows you to mount other things simultaneously. Thanks

  • TheBigb1973

    few questions . how did you mount it? wall anchors? do you use this regularly? what picture settings are you using? I just bought another brand. pretty much the same just rebranded. do you agree the pic looks a little muddy?

  • Jessica Gourlay

    Were are they now SCREECH

  • Saber008 (Saber008)

    I wouldn't exactly call this a home theater system without (external) speakers, AVR, and an optical disc player added to your system. I feel those three additional items are part of what make up a home theater system. Still cool though, I have a 3M cheapo projector which is a lot of fun to mess around with!