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Today, we’re going to help you set up your home theater, specifically, where all those speakers go and how to adjust the settings. We’re going to be talking about a 5 speaker home theater setup which consists of a center, front left and right, and 2 surround speakers. When you hear the term, “5.1 speaker system”, the .1 refers to the subwoofer. We’ve already talked about positioning a subwoofer, so for help with that, check out our video on the “subwoofer crawl” linked below, as well as other helpful videos on our YouTube Channel and at







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  • Question, I hope to get an answer for. In 2011 I bought a 55 inch Samsung flat screen smart tv and Samsung 5.1 home theater, works and looks great still! I bought a 2016 Samsung KU 6500 UHD curved screen and love the TV. In 2011 the TV and home theater worked with one HDMI to the home theater system and one to the cable box ( BD wise), There is only one output on the home theater system ( HDMI ). N=My question is, can I use this system with my new TV and if yes, how? Spent nearly 3 hours on the phone with Samsung support and wanted to kill!!! I used HDMI port 3 (ARC) for the home theater and HDMI 1 for the cable box. There is no surround sound? Is this attempt futile because the 2011 H T is dated tech? I want to use this system as it sounds great still! I don't want to use an optical cable ( Tried for shits and giggles and it didn't work either) In short, I want to intergrate these systems, can it be done? Thanks

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  • or if you have a small room like i have you can do anything you want with your speakers. but for a larger room its best if you get speaker stands and place the speakers on each side of your couch that way you get the best sound just make sure your the audio your getting is true surround sound and not some emulated surround sound like 70% or movies out there that claim to be surround sound.

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  • Here's where I disagree with surround sound speakers.  I've found in a smaller room placing surround sound speakers just below ear level works best for me. I adjust the speaker's sound output level from the amp/receiver a little bit lower than the front speakers. This all depends on the size and shape of your room and the ability of the receiver/amp to adjust the output levels of your speakers.  None of this stuff is hard and fast.  You gotta sit and listen to your system.  A perfect set up I found is achieved over a few weeks.  You can  set up your speakers to your liking after about ten or fifteen tries.  Listen to them.  Leave them off for four to seven days then go back and listen to them again. You will find maybe you need to change the placement and levels again.  Also most new speakers and receivers/amps need a burn in time.  After the burn in time they might perform and/or sound slightly different.  Allow for this. Sure a few steps or guides are helpful but don't pull out a tape measure.  Use your ears and your tastes. *Factor in whether you're going to be listening to music on this system also – that might require another bit of time to find a median adjustment for both listening experiences. Listening/viewing is a personal thing and no one can figure out how YOU like to listen to music or movies.  I recommend after you think you have it set up perfectly find on Blu-Ray "The Fifth Element" and watch it. it will expose flaws in positioning.

  • how do i get in and out of stero mode in surroned sounf logitech z506? plz help

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