How To Have A Cheap Home Theatre Setup (PART 1)

How to have a cheap home theatre setup and details about the performance you will sacrifice for the lower cost.



  • ShareEnjoy VR

    It's really weird ­čÖé the video shows Epson projector and people still asking what's the projector model LOL´╗┐

  • mediawith Saeed

    still costly as he is using a projector, i want something without projector, as projector have limited life and money waste after 6 months to 1 year, need to purchase new one. any idea for without projector or large lcd screen???´╗┐

  • Tim Roux

    Business projector or not, to me… aspect ratio, inputs, Lumes and contrast are the specs I look for.´╗┐

  • Julia helps

    Why no audio? How do you set up external speakers?´╗┐

  • TIKIBROS new

    Whats the projector name´╗┐

  • Ruby Portis

    That's a pretty good setup! Just been looking at projectors and stuff for my setup, so much better to get a business projector and then get a HDMI splitter to add connections.´╗┐

  • Ardeshir Gilani

    buddy could not be more Canadian hahaha, really like the set up though!´╗┐

  • Wes Maximus

    That is a damn good budget setup. you can get HDMI switchers . the ones I use switch 3 different devices , PS3, Xbox 360, and a media streamer which had External drives for saved movies and tv shows.´╗┐

  • chavezjr 7

    hey where do you get that desk is nice´╗┐

  • Cat Lover

    how many feet do u have to have it from the screen to get a 120 inch screen? my room is 12 foot by 12 foot. or how big can i make the screen in my foom´╗┐

  • Cat Lover

    how big is that screen? its massive lol´╗┐

  • Major Tom

    what was this projector made for again?´╗┐

  • Ryan Murray

    i like the vid man but damn you can't talk lol´╗┐

  • Mitchell T Scott

    is the projector I think´╗┐

  • Mitchell T Scott

    epson ex3220´╗┐

  • detroit5195

    What kind of projector is? Epson?? And thanks it looks nice ´╗┐

  • Mandy O'Leary

    i hope you count your blessings everyday young man !
    that is a spectacular bedroom.. my son would cry if i shown this video to him haha´╗┐

  • H4PPYLL4M4F4C3 GamingZz

    whats the name of the projector?, can you send the link where you bought it? nice video :)´╗┐

  • Brian Lastname

    Good video, but you should've turned off your room lights so we could see a better image :(´╗┐

  • electronics for fun

    Epson projectors are actually really good home theater projectors, even the older ones they have in high schools ´╗┐

  • Iain William Davidson

    42inches / 4screens = 21inches
    120inches / 4 screens = 60inches´╗┐

  • danny miller

    Christie projector is a office projector ds+25 was 25,000 dollars when it first came out you'll be amassed what they cost now´╗┐

  • danny miller

    A office projector´╗┐

  • 70velle2

    Great setup!´╗┐

  • dc2008242

    how big is the native resolution and the max resolution?´╗┐

  • David O'Connell

    Nice Video, Thanks.´╗┐

  • Troy Harper

    I have the next EPSON up from this one and use it for my Main TV and Living room set up – It is awesome – i just have the TV hooked up to it with the HDMI to a laptop to watch movies – lol – have two bulb assemblies on deck – i have used this one for over a year (actually 9050 hours – sweet bright picture) No other way to go in my opinion!!!- Oh yeah, EPSON 5300 series is my set up and is just a business model..´╗┐

  • Lara Hmd

    love the idea u should do more stuff like that ´╗┐

  • Sander Iven

    What projector are you using?´╗┐

  • 70velle2

    Very cool, do you have any noticeable input delay?´╗┐

  • gravity718

    hey brother, nice set up. I don't have a screen either, I bought paint, and to be honest it looks great.check out mine when you have a chance.´╗┐

  • Robert Antioquia

    Nice set up, but you need a screen. I built my own… about 70in. for about $50 bucks, really easy, see utube, and you should dim the lights at some point to show how good it really gets, I bought a Viewsonic projector pjd-5134 for $350. on amazon, amazing projector for home theater! and I have a 5.1 surround sound, but there's several inexpensive options out there, klipsch 2.1 promedia sells for bout $150 @ best buy !!´╗┐

  • Spoderman 116

    Stop saying 'ummmm'. Bad habit´╗┐

  • MrBluboy59

    wants it like playing a movie´╗┐