How to choose and setup a Sony home theatre projector

Get a true home cinema experience with Sony projectors designed and built for the task. We’ll show you how easy it is to choose from the current range and use our online tool ( to get it set up in the right position.



  • Eedo Amitay

    Hey-ch-D = HD in australian mate!

  • matthew burno

    i think home theatre if you have the space for one can be 100x better then watching at the cinema!!!

  • matthew burno

    wile i was in nyc there was an all sony store with a 4k tv and without me reading the sign i woundnt have been able to tell it was 4k (unless i really looked deeply) 1080 is big enough. besides with the lights off im sure you'll still be as into the movie as you would in the theatre. im actually dissapointed in the movie theatres there screens are off (meaning some of the screen is over laping the ouside) the 'surround sound' isnt really there its just over powered by the subs. 

  • matthew burno

    me personally 1080p looks better then 4k (of what i seen in 4k sofar) in my opinon 4k adds details that shouldnt be there (kinda like samsung tvs add colors that are over powed) its like having a super clear camera lens you end up seeing too much. 

  • aminaami

    I have Play Memories Studio and I don't know how to make a film from short vidios that I want to cut also and then connect together. How to cut a part from a short video?

  • Boltfiger

    So would you play your games behind the projector or infront? I'm assuming you'd need a longer hdmi cable running from your PS3/XBox to the projector? 

  • Jacob Nelson

    Yes 🙂 Thats the coolest part! :)

  • Jack Pipsam

    Can you play games with them?