Home Theater Setup: How To Set Up A Home Theater System


Home Theater Setup: How To Set Up A Home Theater System

Have all the latest and greatest equipment and need help figuring out how to make the HD magic happen? Technology expert Veronica Belmont will show you how to set up a home entertainment system like a professional so you can enjoy the best HD experience possible.



  • Dave “The Naked CNCer”

    "first… set it all up… now you can turn it on" women can't talk audio… shoe's aren't Bluetooth…
    why doesn't she just say "now that you've paid a man to install it.. just turn it on and watch it."

  • Cornelius Parkin

    I had a really hard time following. Hot presenters absorb all my available energy, involuntarily.

  • Mahesh Das

    My TV only has a headphone jack outlet. Can I connect this speaker to my TV?
    My TV doesn't have RCA audio out except optical/digital audio out terminal.
    Appreciate your response on this please.

  • Cube Hire

    Useless video shows a woman smiling and little else.

  • Darrin Cooley



    VERONICE, veronice, veronica,,,, ;-)

  • Georg Pf

    Use a switch?

  • sam kent

    what if, the home theater has only hdmi port?

  • DownFromTheSky89

    Mlottes11 you dare insult the mighty veronica Belmont? You will perish

  • mlottes11

    holy crap this video is worthless

  • JELmusic

    The answer to your question is yes 🙂 Even with TVs that are 'only' HD-ready, the quality between SD and HD material is huge! So having a bluray with an HD-ready tv is highly recommendable. I know your question is about a year old now, but I chose to reply anyway (you may have already moved on to real HD tv, but in case other youtubers should come across it the answer may be useful to them 🙂 )

  • Kernows Gaming

    dude ill help you what u mean

  • RayanTam

    0:20 I was like … YOU DON'T SAY :D

  • Rune Pages

    Well it is a Sony tutorial, what do you expect.

  • theetfkid

    My sound system has only one hdmi port what can i do

  • Ricardo Alzaga

    Is it the same to use the HDMI cable to connect the BD player to the TV and then use the optical audio out from the TV to the AV receiver? are there conversion artifacts or a reason I wouldn't want to do that?
    And what's the difference between LPCM and Bitstream?

  • Pieter Le Grange

    why didn't i thought about that… ?????? Please load more decent movies on

  • ammo021

    That is a sony blu ray player menu.. very similar interface.

  • EinstienJr

    If you have some sort of DTS service and if you can view the channels in HD, you wouldn't ask this question.
    DVD quality is shit in comparison to blu-ray quality

  • nathan0015

    She said Koala at the end

  • Aqster Mole

    hey hey its veronica from revision 3 tekzilla. Hey Veronica ! remember me , I watch tekzilla regularly :)) 

  • leviathans Burst

    Ultimate HD Superbowl

    Veronica Belmont is beautiful. I have a nice suround sound setup at home. i just need a new TV. THis Sony HDTV with Google TV looks really good. I would love to win it.

  • George Comstock

    Ultimate HD Superbowl – I'd love to have all the components behind closed door with a single sender unit available to pick up control signals from the remote. Even with some wireless capability for some components, there's just too many cables and cluttered looking gizmos to collect dust in the most typical setups. I'd love to see powerline capability for all the powered devices and wireless speakers.

  • Jamie Leigh Martin

    Ultimate HD Superbowl Having movie night with my girlfriend; sure wish we had one of these!

  • Douglas DeMott

    Ultimate HD Superbowl – When I get a HDTV, I am coming back to all the videos uploaded from HowdiniGuru. I would want to make sure I'm getting the most out of the HDTV and surround system.

  • kepoman_94

    @ryujqg it's because the tv is SONY

  • leviathans Burst

    Ultimate HD Superbowl. I have an old 5.1 surround sound setup. I've had to replace the subwoofer several times. It sounds great. I would love to have this Sony TV to enjoy it with.

  • George Comstock

    Ultimate HD Superbowl – Blu Ray players often double as wireless streaming devices now- a big bonus when upgrading.

  • Douglas DeMott

    Ultimate HD Superbowl – I agree, HDMI cables are the way to go. I helped my parents install it on their HDTV when they got one. It makes a huge difference.

  • George Comstock

    Ultimate HD Superbowl – I wonder if the super high end HDMI cables are really worth the money (considering that even generic HDMI cables are pretty pricey)

  • Mike Stavros

    Ultimate HD Superbowl – I am ready for HD…except for home theater…I'd need to upgrade.