Home Theater Setup 2016 (Poor man)

I love my setup. i feel it is better then going to a movie as i dont have people bugging me
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  • joesl8

    Is the heat source a little close to your equipment? PS, get a real guitar man, best toy I own!

  • David LDM

    Hey hello can you tell me what things I need to do that?

  • Alexander Newsome

    where did you get those tower speakers i want like 4 of them lol. i wrote technica down in my notes bt i havent researched it yet. bt i want that look. im big on mounting evrything tho. lol like crazy monster mounter lookin ass lol

  • Alexander Newsome

    that window behind you is going to get on your nerves during the day. bt i like how organized everything is…

  • noctanol


  • MGSBigBoss77

    Awww, Hazel and Olly. cussing out you're own dogs what the…? nah man. And crawlspace?! Not to be rude or anything but i sincerely hope you're not going all John Wayne Gacy on anybody (not a joke), crawlspaces don't have a inspired history given Gacy's sordid history with'em.

    But hey cool look at your Home Cinema Setups, currently tweaking mine so yeah neat video. Need to extend my PS3 so it'll pick up the speakers on my setup. I'll give you a thumbs up for your endeavors in this vid! Although i wish you'd gone into the cabling connections and whatnot a bit more.


  • Andrew Willner

    can u do a video showing off ur sub

  • jaylen young

    whats your tv stand name

  • David Beiler

    your couch is off center from your entertainment console

  • kim Ch

    I felt this too relaxing


    What's so bad about DirecTV? Also nice home theater system

  • Kyle Hayslett

    Simple but effective, just how I like it lol I've collected a few sound systems but none of the power sources are very good. Once I get a receiver, it is gonna be out of this world!

  • TheMysteriousKnight

    Lol, I'm a poor man, my setup cost me £250 tv included. Sounds phenomenal though for the price

  • Vex Q

    dude do you like to watch your dogs fuck?just thought I ask nice TV I don't like going to the movies either. I love to watch movies at home and scratch underneath my dick.the movie Teen Wolf Sounds sick on a 7 .1 system. all that screechy sound from the sneakers on the basketball court fuckin sick bro.

  • Professor BerryB

    You walk in and you don't see shit
    did expect that one coming lol

  • HolyDragonGuy

    I wonder how it would be to put the subwoofer on the side of your sofa

  • Raymond Cooper

    nice set up

  • SuperBoris1976

    pitty I couldn't leave a picture

  • SuperBoris1976

    too far away, I've got a 65inch sony and a 1000watt surround I have my tv lower and the sofa pulled up about 6 ft away from the tv, it looks unbelievable in 3d up close, we don't watch 2d anymore it just looks dull and well just nowhere near as good as 3d

  • turock

    when I listen to the title music from indigo prophecy at a certain point in the song it sounds like a drum beat but when I listen to that same part with my headphones it sounds like a LFE sound this must mean the subwoofers I'm using can't make LFE sound effects
    if your speaker makes a drum beat with the indigo prophecy music then your subwoofers can't make LFE sound effects either

  • TonySoprano55

    Where is Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain?

  • M.A.S

    Nice set up. Bet that's the most expensive room in your place lol. Good vid though

  • ArtFartzy

    Your tv screen is hanging to high on that wall for my taste and does not line with the floor speakers.

  • Skid

    How do you even operate that av receiver haha. Sorry for my lack of knowledge.

  • movie guy

    ur the retard

  • DG&MG Vlogs

    Why have such a clickbait thumbnail

  • Sione Kata

    You should just get a projector

  • jonnygti

    Nice little setup. It's a small space but looks like you've got everything covered. Anyway they say the acoustics are better in a smaller room ;-)

  • manooti

    nice set up man. how is the 522? i just got the 530 in but no speakers, using my logitech z906 speakers for it until i can scrape some cash together for something. cant tell how good (or shitty it is) until i get proper speakers

  • suleiman alsiyabi

    Nice setup

  • 1983Dave1983

    have you tried having the sub facing you? I always get the most bass that way. I love my superhero films too! I refuse to buy the latest Fantastic 4, it was a disgrace.

  • Wats Doug

    Man you have everything, why dont you add two more speaker and make yourself surround sound system ,2.0 systems are not bad but there is nothing like surroud sound. Looking at the guitar i can tell you can appreciate bands like Pink floyd, Allan Parsons and Mike Oldfield all in Hi definition 5.1 surround sound.

  • Godfather Bad

    The sub would work better over in the corner.

  • skampster

    Crack in your door, someone's got some anger issues.

  • Sean Chandler

    nice setup.well done

  • Alfred Alonzo

    Pretty good

  • Pinguin am Suedpol

    Where is your projector? I´m still reading "Home Theater"? Funny…

  • akila219

    the way you describe your dogs matches your personality. good set-up though, get rid of your bose speakers if you have any

  • rogue warr

    like your system but i like your dogs best,,, rock on brother

  • maxwired 223


  • Éric Roger

    very good system and nice set-up !

  • Bryan Willis

    Anyone who complains about 'ohhh. that fireplace isn't good for electronics!' hasn't owned one. They put out less heat than my launch ps3 or 360. The heat on the fireplace blows forward, not up ding dongs. People….

  • Bass Dropp

    SM on blurry not dvd

  • Shawn Senecaut


  • pumasgoya

    cool set up. maybe one day you'll have better taste in films. ;)