Highest Contrast Projector Screen Tape – Black Velour Felt Material (2-Inch Wide x 60-Foot Long Roll) Cut To Size – Premium Grade w/ Adhesive Backing – DIY Kit for Projection Paint Border Frame

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Enhance Your Projector Viewing Experience with ConClarity Projector Screen Tape

Framing your projection image with a high-contrast border enhances your viewing experience, especially if you have a lot of ambient light.  Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, it allows your eyes to perceive the projected image as being more saturated and bright.  A perfect addition to your painted projector screen or DIY projector screen fabric. 

Blackest Material for Ultra High Contrast

Our material is blacker than other brands that use cheaper and highly reflective felt.  Please see our photos for a detailed comparison between our material and other brands. 

A Must For DIY Projector Screens

Whether you have a screen painted on your wall or you’re making a custom DIY screen out of fabric, you you’ll need a high contrast border to enhance your viewing experience.  Colors look dramatically more vibrant and bright with a high contrast border framing the picture. 

Premium Quality Materials

Not only did we select the blackest velour material we could find, we made sure the quality of our velour is such that it will last you the lifetime of your screen.  Our projector tape adhesive will not lose its tack even in extremely hot environments. 

Easy Installation

Installing your ConClarity Projector Screen Tape is easy.  Simply project an image onto your wall or fabric and measure the length and width of your projected screen.  Cut the projector tape to size per your measurements utilizing either scissors or a box cutter.  Peel and stick the projector screen tape inch by inch using the projected image as your guide.EXTRA LENGTH PROJECTOR SCREEN TAPE – 60 feet of material allows for more coverage for creating the largest projection screen of your dreams with plenty left over. The tape measures 2 inches wide. A 10 foot by 17.7 foot border equals for a 237 inch screen.
ULTRA HIGH CONTRAST – We are using the deepest black, non-reflective projector tape material for the highest contrast-boosting experience on your projection screen. The difference in perception of contrast is day and night.
PREMIUM GRADE MATERIAL – Made of deep black velour material instead of competitors’ cheaper low grade felt, which has a slightly reflective quality to it making it appear lighter in different lighting conditions. We are using the blackest material we could find for our projector screen border tape.
ADHESIVE BACKING – High quality adhesive backing will permanently adhere your border to any surface you might be using to create your projector screen, including fabrics of different weights and weaves, concrete, wood, metal, etc.
DIY PROJECTOR PROJECTS – This projector screen border tape is essential for completing DIY projector screens you might be making out of raw fabric, projection paint, white surface, etc. Easily cut the projector felt tape to size.