HDR Ultra Short Throw Projector – Top of the Line Sony Projector

Sony Projector

If you’ve got the money for the ultimate home theatre experience, then the VPLVZ1000ES is the Sony projector for you.

You may have seen or heard of the GTZ1 Sony projector. which is an ultra short throw 4k resolution, laser projector. What you may not know is that Sony’s actually developed a new ultra short throw Sony projector. This Sony projector is the VPL-VZ1000ES. This projector has a laser light source. That means you’ve got 20,000 hours of use. In other words, this Sony projector will last you a lifetime.

Sony Projector

Sony VPLVZ1000ES Ultra-Short Throw 4K HDR Home Theatre Projector (2017 Model)

This Sony VPLVZ1000ES Ultra-Short Throw 4K HDR Home Theatre Projector  is 30% smaller than the GTZ1 . It’s also 25% brighter. This Sony projector is like nothing you have ever seen before. No matter what the lighting is in you home theatre, you will have no problem getting a crisp, clear, contrasty image on Sony’s Zero Edge ST screen which accompanies this projector.

When facing one direction, the screen turns black. But when facing the other direction, the screen turns white. The white side faces the projector, the black side faces upwards and out into the room. This means that the screen actually preserves the contrast from the projector, rather than throwing it away and being washed out by ambient light in the room. On both sides this projector is finished out with fascia plates that are piano black gloss.

Removing one of the fascia reveals the Input – Output connections. There are a total of 4 HDMI connectors on the Sony projector. Two HDMI connectors are on the front and another two on the back side. The Sony projector has a USB, 12 volt trigger, IR in, Remote input, LAN, and power, all which are fed out the back, making it simple to organize, and bundle all of your cabling in one location.

Sony Projector


Sony has also added a cover plate that you can slide over the lens of the unit when you are not using it which helps mitigate any build up of dust or debris, or… destructive children… from getting in contact with the lens. One slight drawback is that a projector of this quality has a manual cover plate rather than a push button automatic one.

If you’re into gaming, then a console like the PlayStation 4 Pro will be awesome with this Sony projector. This VPLVZ1000ES Sony projector has HDR in all four of its HDMI inputs. At 18 gigabits per second, you will be able to play any game console or input any 4k signal whatsoever. This Sony projector will be able to handle it. Imagine the movie watching experience with this VPLVZ1000ES Sony projector. When you take this over to gaming, like on the PS4 Pro, gaming in HDR is, just, the coolest thing in the world.

If you compare the two, you will instantaneously see the incredible difference in dynamic range that the HDR version has. The 1080p version is still really, really good. However, it is nothing compared to the HDR version.

What is really surprising about this Sony projector is how simple it is to set up. Part of that is thanks to the feet which are now adjustable. With the use of any tools, you can adjust the feet.

This Sony projector has lens shift AND lens zoom – 6% plus or minus in the vertical, but 3% plus or minus horizontal. That’s a really handy feature in an ultra short throw projector.

This projector costs under $25,000. Combined with the ST screen, you’re getting an amazing 100 inch, 110 inch, 120 inch image without any glare whatsoever. Ultimately, this VPLVZ1000ES Sony projector is much more affordable per square inch than a flat screen tv.

Sony VPLVZ1000ES Ultra-Short Throw 4K HDR Home Theatre Projector