Glass TV Stand, LCD LED TV Riser Computer Monitor and Laptop Stand, Extra Wide (27.5 Inch) Ergonomic Flat Screen Display Mount, Desktop Stand and Organizer, 66 lb Capacity

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Mount-It! MI-7260 monitor and TV stand elevates the display to a more comfortable height for optimal viewing experience and help reduce neck and eye strain. Contemporary design with premium glass and Aluminum materials used makes it a perfect fit for any room or office. Ideal for cramped workstations and desks as it expands your work area upward, maximizing your available work area.

Its extended size of 22 inches by 9 inches accommodates a wide variety of TVs and computer monitors, printers and other miscellaneous office equipment and accessories. Additional space underneath the stand frees-up valuable desktop space for a laptop, a keyboard or paperwork. Creates space for paper beneath a printer, and countless other practical home and office applications.

MI-7260 is sized large enough to fit any TV stand. It gives boost of height you need while still having available storage space available underneath the unit. It is perfect for any room and is easy to assemble and has a neutral clear glass and reflective metal leg finish.

The shelf is stabilized with four 1″ diameter aluminum legs with a nominal height of 2. 75″. The feet can be extended up-Inch 1″ at each corner allowing the shelf perfectly leveled on slightly uneven surfaces. It has a maximum weight capacity of 66 lbs (30 kg).

This elegant glass and Aluminum stand can be used as a TV stand or as an office desktop stand for PC and Apple computer monitors. It elevates displays by 2.75 inches. Creates additional horizontal surface under the monitors to store your laptop, keyboard or other office related document or accessories. When used with TVs, you can store home audio equipment or DVD players underneath the glass shelf.
MI-7261 uses premium Aluminum legs and 3/8 inch thick plate glass. Do not resort to cheap looking plastic and metal models that are selling at similar prices. The stand is heavy-duty and has a certified 66 lb carrying capacity. The weight capacity makes it sturdy enough for even larger screen size LCD and LED TVs.
The glass shelf is 3/8 inches thick. Overall assembly measures 27.5 inches wide and 9.5 inches deep. It is large enough for most computer monitors, laptops, flat panel TV bases, printers, cable set top boxes, streaming devices such as Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, gaming consoles, DVD players and other audio and video components.
Most computer users complain from neck and back pain after sitting long hours in front of a computer monitor. Elevating the height of the computer monitor from the desktop level to a more ergonomic higher elevation might help alleviate the posture problems caused by incorrect monitor placement. You can use one or two of these stands to place additional monitors side by side for additional productivity.
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