Epson Projector Review – Pro Cinema 6040UB 4k Enhanced Projector

This review will focus on the new Epson projector. This projector is the Epson Pro Cinema 6040UB 4k Enhanced Projector.

New Design for Epson Projector

The 6040 UB Epson Projector is not a re-do of an old design. This projector is a brand new design from the bottom up. Inside and out this Epson projector has been redesigned with every system in mind. The 6040 UB projector has new lenses, new video processing, and a new external. It is completely streamlined and very smooth looking.

Best Performing Lamp Base Epson Projector

The 6040 UB Epson projector is Epson’s best preforming lamp base projector currently on the market. This projector has electronic lens shift and electronic zoom.

With or without a lens this projector allows all sizes of video to fit on any screen. This is true with a bezel or without a bezel. Whether you’re dealing with the long hollywood aspect ratio shape of 16:9 or the shape of your home television, this projector will project a perfect picture. What this means is that this Epson projector will produce outstanding results in a dedicated theatre or in a family room or home theatre.

Epson Projector with 4K Enhancements

This Epson projector model 6040 UB has 4K in both HDMI inputs. Many projector manufacturers only have one, so two is a convenience. Also Epson has 4K with HDR. That is an enhancement. Furthermore, this Epson projector plays well with all HDR – streaming, blu-ray disc, cable or satellite. Whatever the source, the Epson projector model 6040 UB will display a beautiful, breath taking picture. And bright I mean let’s face it you guys are known for being the brightest for the buck.

The Biggest TV in Your Home

2500 lumens is a beautiful size picture. You can even project a movie to a 150 inch diagonal screen. Any size you want it will be your biggest TV in your home.

Key Features

This Epson projector has a little brighter lamp, 4K ability, electronic lens shift, and electronic zoom This 4K projector is a step up. What’s even more amazing is that the price hasn’t really changed from the previews models all that much.┬áIt still represents a tremendous value to the buyer. The 6400 is very quiet, whisper quiet. It has a bright lamp 4K and a beautiful design.

Best Warranty in Industry

And Epson backs this projector up with the best warranty in the industry. That warranty boasts an amazing 3 years unlimited hours and no dead pixels. If you get any problem with a mis-behaving pixel, Epson will replace the projector. You know this is great for the living room and the dedicated theater.

Your own Home Theater

With this Epson projector, you will literally have your own theater at home. This projector can work in a bright living room, a Family room or den, or in your custom built home theatre. Of course, you’ll need some good surround sound to go with it.┬áImagine the fun you can have with awesome movies and this projector.

Epson Pro Cinema 4k Projector