Ellswortha101’s Ultimate Home Theater Mancave Setup

Checkout the progress I’ve been making in my basement! Features a LG 65″ 4K 3D tv, two 32″ D-Series Vizio tvs, 3 directv receivers, 2 ps4’s, an apple tv, 5.1 channel Klipsch Reference surround sound, a yamaha RX-V479, phillips hue, wink, z-wave, insteon, and more!



  • Ted T

    Good luck on your project but don't forget your day job!

  • Wesleigh Foster

    awesome mancave! mad diy-er!

  • aenima01muerte

    Cool video sir, may wanna look at the camera directly more consistently, some wandering around with the eyes, not sure if somewhat nervous of showing off your progress with the man cave. Either way, terrific job.

  • David Beiler

    Whats with the hat?

  • Mykal Fury

    Most excellent!
    As a musician, I would've used ELAC Speakers designed by
    Andrew Jones who is formerly of Pioneer & KEF.
    The ELAC's are 1/2 the cost & they thunder!
    Look em' up for your next setup if you do it.

    You have a great concept & wicked setup goin'!

    ~ peace

  • marcellus jones

    whatup man was try to see what all I need to do convent 3.4 Engine to a ls1 engine my 95 firebird


    very nice man. browse through and check out my theater room.

  • Jonathan

    That's awesome!

  • UncleBuckshot

    Yo how do u have windows in your basement

  • aGua421

    Very nice.

  • Delano Parker

    Hola me gustaria que proyectaras un video sobre tu sistma de home theater de omo realmente lo armaste … gracias desde Panama

  • Y-it-Earp

    Is that your chick on the ipad?

  • ArtFartzy

    Why you have your front speakers mounted like that pointing down ?

  • Deidrae Mabon

    Great man cave!

  • Leonardo Santos


  • Levi Claiborne

    cool vid

  • Alex4SiliconValley

    Nice,…..I love my Klipsch speakers. I only have Klipsch Pro media 2.1 hooked up to my PC. However I am using an Sound Blaster Audigy 2zs with live drive on my PC for audio which supports 7.1. I have toslink cable hooked up from my PC to my old Yamaha 5.1 receiver and cheap Dayton bookshelf speakers as surrounds. Polk audio subwoofer 10, and 2 cheap jensen center channel speakers with dual 8's each ( I hope to upgrade to Klipsch surrounds someday, I need about $1500 ) However my system sounds pretty good for being a cheap setup. A Behringer UCA-202 USB adapter is also a good inexpensive way to connect a PC to AV receiver for true 7.1 or atmos surround sound. I use an inexpensive Nvidia GT 610 graphics with 2 HDMI connections to my 60"-TV and the other to my PC monitor display which is a 32-inch TV. works Great for 1080p.

  • Mike Carr

    What is the control program you use on your ipad?