Elite Screens VMAX Dual Tab-Tension, 110″ 2.35:1/88″ 16:9, Dual Format Wall/Ceiling Motorized Cinema Projector Screen, VMAXT110C88H

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The VMAX Dual Series is an electric projection screen with alternating 16:9/2.35:1 aspect ratio options. This series offers a professional grade surface to match the abilities of anamorphic projectors. Anamorphic is the ability for a projector to switch from one aspect ratio, screen shape, to another in accordance with the type of presentation being shown.110-inch Diagonal, 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio. View Size: 43.0″ H x 101.0″ W. Overall Size: 61.2″ H x 115.4″ W. | 88-inch Diagonal, 16:9 Aspect Ratio. View Size: 43.0″ H x 76.4″ W. Overall Size: 61.2″ H x 115.4″ W. Black Case.
Screen Material: CineWhite, 1.1 Gain. Features 160° viewing angle with fully black backed front projection screen material. 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D Projection Ready. Mildew resistant, and easy to clean with soap and water.
Features a durable metal casing with synchronous motor that boasts quietness and low power consumption. Perfect for wall or ceiling installation.
Includes Radio Frequency remote, 5-12V trigger cable, bubble leveler, and 2 AAA batteries.
2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty