Elite Screens Saker Tab-Tension, 120-inch 16:9, Tensioned Electric Projection Projector Screen, SKT120XHW-E20

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Elite Screens Saker Tab-Tension series is truly an astounding addition to your home theater, business, or conference room, featuring Elite Screens flame resistant, 4K Ultra HD ready, MaxWhite FG front projection screen material. This fiberglass backed screen adds rigidity that, when combined with the tension tabs, provides the most flat projection surface available in any electric screen today! The screen is fully black backed to prevent light penetration and yields a 160˚ wide viewing angle. The screen arrives encased within a white enamel, arcuate profile, aluminum casing that easily installs to your wall or ceiling with the included installation kit. Ships ready to plug and play without the need for professional electric hardwiring. Saker Tab-Tension gives you total control of the screen with the included infrared (IR) & radio frequency (RF) remotes, detachable 3-way wall keypad, or for an effortless viewing experience you can use the included wireless trigger to sync with your projector! Saker Tab-Tension embodies all the benefits of owning a quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing product. Since 2004, Elite Screens has become a global leader in projection screen manufacturing through its headquarters in the US and branch offices in Europe, Japan, Australia, India, Taiwan, and China. With a focus on superior product and service, Elite Screens is dedicated to making projection screens for any projection environment. Ask about Elite’s 2-year warranty and 3-year ENR-G enhanced warranty.120-inch Diagonal, 4:3 Aspect Ratio. View Size: 58.9″ H x 104.6″ W. Overall Size: 85.4″ H x 124.8″ W. Extra 20-inch Drop. White Case.
Screen Material: MaxWhite FG, 1.1 Gain. Fiberglass-backed, 180 degree wide viewing angle, fully black backed front projection screen with textured surface. 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D Projection Ready. GreenGuard and GreenGuard GOLD Certified. Mildew resistant and easy to clean with mild soap and water.
Durable white casing designed for wall or ceiling installations. Synchronous motor provides a silent operation, and the tab-tension system with Fiberglass material helps maintain flatness across the entire projection surface.
Includes infrared (IR) & radio frequency (RF) remotes, 3-way wall switch, wireless 5-12 volt trigger, built-in RJ45 port, and wall/ceiling installation brackets that permit the case to slide for in-line installation on wood studs.
2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty