Common Mistakes When Setting Up A Home Theater – Common Mistakes When Setting Up A Home Theater: In this video Gene and Hugo discuss the common mistakes that are done when setting up a home theater:

Mistake #1: Bad Product Selection
Mistake #2: Bad Speaker Placement
Mistake #3: Blocking Your Direct Path of Sound
Mistake #4: Not Calibrating Your Equipment
Mistake #5: Selecting The Wrong Cables
Mistake #6: Bad Room Acoustics
BONUS! Mistake #7: Falling For The Upgrade Bug!

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  • Chip Adams (Master A.-BiG C.)

    you guys are way too jugemental and so goddamn critical about how to set up a home theater, if someone want their suround sound set up a cetain way so be it, you guys are complaining over every little fuckin' detail, " oh this needs to be here, that needs to be like this, you won't hear this corretly, OMFG who the fuck cares!

  • Daniel P

    This was an instructional video on how to fake laugh and tell bad dorky jokes.

  • allan benthien

    this is what you get when people quit school in grade 5

  • allan benthien

    yes listening to you was a mistake   and annoying

  • sky

    hey guys i have a question, i recently put my surround speakers (bookshelf) on the wall beside our sofa. they are also raised about 2ft. would it be best to face the speaker firing at the ears or fire them at eachother. i'm a bit confused with getting a well balanced image. thank you

  • hq4sale

    stupid idiots  pop up ads cover your top screen writing fools

  • Rose Leahn Castro

    ome guy looks like dexter and the other one…instead of lookimg only muscle when he laughs everything giggles ….u r still a fat kid lol

  • Ivan Salaberrios

    Couple assholes trying to convince people that you need them for Job security. Bottom line, receivers make TV sound great. GAF about 80hz settings. Not a useful video. These think paying customers are stupid by making a video gossiping about their customers.

  • Reality


  • bjtaudio

    Its very common to boost 63hz and 16kHz. for lots of reasons. speakers are modest, room is wrong shape or size, speakers are in incorrect places. The sound source lacks bass and treble, Tape players of the 80s were terrible offenders for this. It can be expensive to build the system properly so boosting bass and treble is a cheaper and quick option.

  • BlackgoldTwinduck

    this looks like its from 2000

  • RevengeOfMoctezuma

    Haha! Stay butthurt, fellow viewers. Can't believe this triggered so many people.

  • Tybok C

    I once made 2 mistakes.. one at my current home and at a previous one. At my previous one I set the surround back speakers way too high I could barely hear them. at my current place I set them too low so that they were just above my head when sitting and I could localize them.. Now they're on speaker stands.. but the stands are on top of old speakers. just to raise them up.. They also are in the corner toed in..

  • Griffin W

    how about when people put the surrounds up front lol

  • nitestrike1000

    The guy on the right is like saying: " Puny human boss…..I can crush him in a second if I want to! "

  • Brandon Jackson

    I can remember a mistake I made years ago with my first pioneer AV receiver back then I was just 19 years old just learning about AV receivers lol it took me a hr to set it up and the instructions was a book long. I call myself hooking up 4om speakers to it but it's was made for 8om speakers only will I learn my lesson quick because all the Twitters on the 4om speakers blow out.

  • Bradley McLamb

    Been doing the home theater thing for about 5 years now and made quite a few of the more technical mistakes mentioned. No clue why people are down-voting this video, but if I had to guess it's because they are not comprehending the subject matter within the video. Perhaps smaller words and some awe-shucks would help. Or perhaps, Goofy's How to Hook Up Your Home Theater ( would be more appropriate for some. Wish I'd seen this back before I had to learn all of these things through trial and error (many, many hours of trial and error)!

  • Animal Jones

    You're implying that cables that are expensive for connections have zero value for audio and that's completely unrealistic to say that.

  • Animal Jones

    Why do you guys keep denouncing the right cables vs. cheaply made connections?

  • Danny Jackson

    your humor working like 5.5 inch subwoofer

  • Sreepriya Vinod

    Oh the guys are not pricks, they are just being brutally honest. I am sure there are people who stuff the speakers into cabinets because they mar the looks of the house! You know the one I am talking about! If you can't take dollops of honesty, you should not even be here.
    If you went into a shop because you wanted a HT because you want to keep up with neighborhood and show off, well there you go!

  • qwerty135797

    Excellent video for people getting into the A/V world.

    I know people are commenting on how these guys are coming off in the video but the tips are very good.

  • Va Gina

    Masturbate and Ejaculate while you Defecate.

  • Rodolfo Pacheco

    I don't see any help from these guys except to much talking.

  • Pri yon Joni

    I understand the frustration when people do things wrong, and I get what the overall message these guys are trying to say; but I also understand there is a reason why they are the pros and regular people aren't. I don't get why these two would sit there and laugh at people for not knowing, when they clearly make money informing others. My grandpa is an audiophile who taught me early on about speaker placement. But I don't go vegan on every person I meet who's surround sound is all out of whack. You just make people less likely to want to listen to you by attacking them.

  • rob flynn

    Awesome guys. I wish more people would watch this, truly invaluable information for the uninformed

  • Eric Smith

    Seems that you guys do not appreciate that not everyone has an ideally shaped room to properly position the speakers and enough space to accommodate speakers and furniture. Hence, reason why the couch might have been "right up against the speaker".

  • GregLH0

    In all forms of honesty, doesn't atmos technically compress the audio? I'm guessing it does because HDMI is only capable of sending 7.1 tops and atmos adds 4 extra channels out of nothing. If that is the case then we are basically going right back into the lands of optical 5.1 for what is for something that is for the most part a gimmick.


    does rivera still have a workout channel? man i use to look at his vids back in the day

  • j singh

    Hi i am in the process of designing my home Theater .the room size will be about 27 ft by 14 ft .ceiling height is 92 inches
    Any idea how i should plan this .looking for about 6 to 8 seating configuration.Suggestion is much appreciated

  • Valentine Salumu

    Speaking of Bose are they any good? I'm looking at the Bose sound touch 520 or the Bose sound touch 535, thanks

  • Dee From Brooklyn

    My brother connects his hdmi directly from cable box and blu ray to the tv and uses digital optical connection to play sound through the receiver . Is this better than connecting the hdmi through the AV receiver and using the video & audio pass through. ? Which provides the best sound and video quality?

  • Dennis Boyd

    I have 9.1 Dolby Atmos set up with GoldenEar speakers.

  • Jeremy Clarkson


  • Ed Berger

    I wonder how these guys stay in business. The condescending tone and god complex is strong with these two. Instead of bashing people, why not try to explain what the right way is. A couple of douches in this video.


    My Onkyo-Integra has just become the new HDMI crash — cheap capacitors and shit ball technology after a couple years of use , but they knew this , The whole industry has a 2 month waiting list to fix HDMI problems and of course the chinks think it is funny … It had 8 HDMI IN and 2 OUT— sound GREAT till it heats up— some say cheap 100 uf caps. or maybe the DIGITAL chip — Like DLP T.V.'s this was PLANNED — DO NO BELIEVE what they say , Just Buy Another one RIGHT… SAME problem EVERYWHERE — stick with your older Stereo — IT WORKS!!!

  • Preston Ross

    You guys are not funny just annoying!

  • renenowicki

    Thank you for your help. I am generally the go to guy for audio and video in my family. Even after years of researching and growing with the home theater advances, I was shocked, shocked that my new Yamaha receiver's calibration found my left front channel wired out of phase. I dropped to the floor laughing. What a rookie mistake!! Didn't know what I had done wrong till I took a second look at my own work.
    Thank you for all your effort. Your passion shows through. Cheers!

  • RJLpt

    I know this has nothing to do with audio, but cable spaghetti is a thing!

  • Doug Stewart

    Geez… Guys like you are why I stopped going to audiophile meet-ups. You know how you get people into a hobby? You approach them with understanding and a willingness to help. The entire point of this video should be to help people who know nothing get through the basics so they can start to enjoy the benefits of a little knowledge. You make people gain interest by welcoming them. What you're doing is the equivalent of pointing at the person who can't read and saying, "Idiot, how do you not know this already? It's so obvious," all the while not realizing it took you months to learn to speak and years to read.

    Maybe the people who got you started treated you the same way and that's why you think this is acceptable. But for me you're the type of person I have to defend myself against whenever I say, "Yeah, I'm an audiophile. No, not like that. Look, I don't really care about Beats. Sure, Monster's stuff is overpriced, I just buy cheap cables off Amazon, they sound fi— No I don't think anyone who buys headphones for less than $100 is throwing their money away, there are some good headphones for tha— No I'm not going to mock you for using Apple's stock headphones. I think they're uncomfortable but if they work for you that's fine it's about enjoying your music, who cares how much you spent?"

    That conversation gets really old. Thanks for helping make it necessary.

  • .

    Ok, so reading some others- it's not just me. Don't give up the day job guys. You can be funny and informative without being critical. You actually have a lot of potential because this is a subject that have enthusiasts as well as novices. Same market possibility that Linus tech tips and Jayz2cents capitalized on with the computer enthusiasts. A little less douchebaggery would go a long way. Also don't edit stupid shit in unless it's actually funny. And my last piece of advice, — learn the basics of film, lighting and sound. It's too dark, shadowy, horrible audio (which is ironic)… And the Star Trek shit behind you screams "set phasers to virgin!"

    Good luck.

  • bareknuckles2u

    Good video. Lots of good advice. These guys can help newbies, like myself save a lot of money.

  • Abel Felix

    wow this video really does have a lot of hate! I don't get how people get butthurt about someone telling you advice, and they aren't pricks about it, its just funny how people have these amazing sound systems and completely ruin the experience by doing stupid ignorant mistakes, it's like having a Porsche and putting 87 octane and never putting pedal to the metal, I appreciate advice and even though I've had my Pioneer Elite VSX-42 for 3 12 years I'm still learning new tricks from these guys even

  • Jose Francisco Medeiros

    Good Video, and over all I agree with just about everything you said. I have a former friend named Augie who worked at Stereo Habitat,. and Laserland, and swear he can notice an improved sound quality with Monster Cable, his home Entertainment system was about $70,000 dollars, Carver 5000 watt amp, Two Electrostatic speakers 8 feet tall, two 18 inch Velvodyne Subwoofers, Leather deluxe theater type seats with butt kickers, $40,000 Marantz overhead projector, he is truly an Audiophile, and I have another that spent $1700 dollars on a Dennon AVR 7500 receiver in 1999 only to have the round speakers in the ceiling just as you described, and I just told him the same thing you said, and he just disregarded it.

  • martin “bobafett” Arnaud

    if your living room is connected to your dinner room. how would you set up your speakers placing

  • 99milkmen

    Is it just me or do these guys come off as pricks instead of helping anyone?

  • THeLaLakers954 LaLakers954

    2faggs talkin to each other

  • THeLaLakers954 LaLakers954

    2faggs talkin to each other