Best Smart HDTV You Can Buy. Setup Home Theater Speakers Right! $17 Lepai LP-2020 Amp.

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Everything you need to know to set up home theater speakers right, from 2.0 to 5.1 to 7.1! Subwoofer location matters.

Will running HDMI through an AV receiver degrade the signal or cause syncing issues? More Watts for clear sound?

Class T Amps rock, but does Lepai’s LP-2020 belong in your home theater?

Sony shipping Sony FMP-X1 4K Ultra HD Media Player now!

The Producers on Blu-ray!

What’s the best Smart but Non-3D TV on the market right now? 60″ Plasma HDTV recommendation.



  • Aaron Fonseca


  • electronics for fun

    If you have a lepai then I would replace the main capacitor. The one in there is only 16v and I would put in a 18v or a 20v capacitor because this amp is a good project amp and I made a solar sound system with an 18v panel and the lepai worked great and then I brought it back in side because there was a problem so I plugged it in to the wall and the blue led was flashing and then it started to smell and I opened it and the capacitor was done.

  • R. Quinton

    How about a reboot of HD Nation on Revision3.
    I miss it

  • BryanG

    The fat guy loosing his hair needs to be replaced. He's no good.

  • Callum Suttle

    I agree

  • dawson ro

    The sub shod go under the seat

  • James Kendrick

    Hey guys. I love the show. Got tons of great info from it. I know this is probably a grey area but is there any chance of a look at region free or multi region blu ray players? I'm an expat from the UK and have a lot of UK DVD's that I can play fine on my region free DVD player but no way to play UK region coded Blu Rays. There's some UK exclusive discs that I'd love to be able to watch over here but no way to do it. Any help would be awesome.

  • Mutation666

    Can you guys do a Price build for low medium and high budget? Do it by part so then if people are looking to upgrade one part of their system they don't get a inferior product that was in a build because the budget was tight across all components.

  • benebrius

    You guys watch too much TV.

  • Richard A

    Hey guys; I have a question about home theater speakers specifically. Does my Bowers & Wilkins speakers fall under the "full-range speaker" category given their size? I heard full-range speakers were the pinnacle of high end audio and I am curious! These speakers are of the "high end" variety according to the Best Buy Magnolia crew and it sounded spectacular when they gave me a demo of the last scene in Iron Man 2 on blu-ray. Lastly, will a second subwoofer even out the bass in a room? THANKS!!!

  • David Rogoff

    True. However, it's trickier if you're targeting music more than video. The placement that old (and some new) Quad music expects is four speakers in a square with you in the middle. A lot of receivers, including my old Denon AVR-1082, have hookups for two different sets of "surround" speakers so you can switch which ones it's using depending on what you're listening to. I'm more into music than video so my "surround" speakers are full tower models and more behind me in my 5.0 setup.

  • Troy Kadikoff

    bass + treble, that is actually a very funny throwback which sadly dates us…but still so useful in cars, as mentioned. odd since auto manufacturers put so much into their factory stereos :j

  • TheDarkDefender89

    As far as I know, rear speakers from a 5.1 system were named 'rear' because of their relation to the front speakers and not because they should actually be behind you, they should be at the same level as you. At this time there were no 7.1 systems so the name didn't really matter. With 7.1 systems the 2 extra speakers are actually 'rear' speakers, as in they're supposed to go behind you. I hope this helps in some way.

  • TheDarkDefender89

    I've fallen for the wattage trap before. 2 years ago I wanted to replace my 2.1 system for my PC that had 50W, so I bought a Logictech system with 150W and it actually sounded worse, so I can confirm what Patrick said.

  • 2cool0

    try some logitech 2.1 speakers WITH subwoofers….without it the sound would be sounding shitty. 

  • Bruno Kenzo

    Would you guys recommend a cheap soundbar+sub setup for a desktop PC situation. It will be located right below the screen and I'm considering that because regular PC speaker system don't seem that good to me.

  • Uk Gamer

    Are you guys planning to review the 4k 39 inch seiki?

  • Callum Suttle


  • Callum Suttle

    I use multeq ex32 I think.